IMBUEfoundation’s approach to address local health disparities and improve care delivery is very unique.

We rely solely on Nurse Practitioners (NPs) to act as the “clinical concierge” and accept the role of front-line, minute-to-minute information providers; which provides counseling, monitoring, and stewardship activities. The activities of the “clinical concierge” include: coordinating care delivery and aligning healthcare objectives, clarifying different care plans, reviewing and presenting treatment options to patients and families, providing education regarding therapeutic alternatives, monitoring and updating records, and organizing family/team meetings as needed.


We believe care coordination is the glue that makes the healthcare system a safe and coherent place. Without it, all citizens/patients, the people we serve, have great difficulty navigating between various providers and settings.

IMBUEfoundation was created to make the connections, communicate, integrate, and focus on the consumer/patient because we know these elements are vital to your experience and achieving National goals for quality and safety.


Meet Dr. Ross

Seun Ross

President IMBUEfoundation

Dr. Ross is a published author, most recently in a book titled, ‘The Doctor of Nursing Practice and the Executive Role”. She is a sought after nursing expert who has appeared in numerous media (radio, print, broadcast) interviews, and has lectured on many topics within her research interests-which include evidence-based practice, workforce management, RN work environment, competency and developing/mentoring the novice RN. She received The Healthcare Award from the Helene Fuld School of Nursing in 2014, in recognition of her efforts in advancing the profession of nursing. She also has an endowed scholarship in her name at Coppin State University aimed to assist nursing students with families, in completion of their Bachelor’s degree.

Dr. Ross earned her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s Degree from Coppin State University and her Doctoral Degree from Chatham University. She is currently the Vice President of the National Organization for Women (NOW)-Baltimore, a Board member at MD CASA, immediate past President of Chi Zeta Chapter of Sigma Theata Tau International Nursing Honor Society, a member of the Academy of Healthcare Executives and holds certifications as a family nurse practitioner and Nurse Executive-Advanced.